March 26

5 Best Ways to Learn Lebanese Arabic


First of all there’s a huge misconception about learning languages in general.

People always assume that there’s only 1 version of any language in the world except their own of course. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, let’s look at “English”, the most commonly used language around the world has tons of different accents and dialects if you will.

If you asked any language enthusiast out there, they would tell you just how vast each and every language is with their variations and intricacies. Now that this is out of the way, let’s get to the point, which is “ARABIC”.

Arabic is one of the most diverse languages out there, and despite the fact that all Arab countries speak Arabic, they are still quite different from one another. At some level all Arabs understand one another, but sometimes that isn’t the case.

Lebanese/Levantine Arabic is the most understood version of Arabic about the Arab world and that is due to our popular media. So, if you’ve already learned a good amount of standard Arabic you could jump right into Lebanese.

So, here are the best ways to learn Lebanese Arabic:

  • MEDIA:

Lebanese plays, movies and series are all over the internet, listen and watch as much as possible. But always make sure you are watching Lebanese media and not something else because you don’t want to confuse yourself. Trust me, the differences are huge.

  • Make an Lebanese Friend:

The concept of language exchange has been a thing for many years, and if you look hard enough online you’ll always find Lebanese on the internet trying to improve either their English, French or German.

  • Reading and Writing:

I LOVE to read. It’s absolutely crucial to know how to read and write Arabic. This will help you learn a lot faster and pronounce sounds more accurately since many sounds don’t exist in English. But, do you really have time for that? Not really. You want to learn Lebanese anyway and not the Modern Standard Arabic. That is why in my course I explain and write letters in latin alphabets and not Arabic.

  • Basic words and Phrases:

The most common way of learning a language can be a little tedious at first. So, jump right into simple phrases and words even before memorizing the alphabet. Knowing how to greet someone on the first day can be really rewarding and satisfying.

  • Find yourself an Amazing Resource (online):

People always try to deviate from life’s routine, like taking regular courses or going to an Arabic school which is understandable since they can teach you a lot of things that aren’t really useful or practical. However, finding a good online course that can tailor the sessions to your learning needs and speed can be a lot more efficient and effective.

How you learn a language depends entirely on you and how your brain works. But you should always keep in mind that, learning a Language should be ENJOYABLE. Because if it isn’t you’ll never stick with it all the way to the end.

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