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Arabic Letters in Internet Language | Arabic Chat Alphabet


Why do Arabs write numbers when they are chatting with each other?

Do you they really like Math that much?

Or do they have a weird way of communicating?

Well… No and… a bit

This way of writing is an alternative for us for writing in the pure Arabic alphabet.

Basically the new generation taught the old generation on how to use it.

How did it began? Well, when the age of the computer and internet arrived worldwide, it was only possible to write in the Latin alphabets. So, we had to figure out a way on how to be able to pronounce or write the letters that exists in the Arabic language but DOESN’T exist in the Latin script.

It also made a lot of other stuff easier since many of the new generation didn’t want to change the language of their smartphone or computer. So, it was a perfect solution.

In order for you to check out the pronunciation with a lot of examples, make sure to get the free e-book here

Here is what I mean in these less-than-1 minute videos:

Now the most letters that we use in the Latin script are ‘2’ ‘3’ ‘5’ and ‘7’. Some people might use more but we will just remain with these at this point to avoid confusion.

The number ‘2’ is the أ and this is how it is pronounced:

The number ‘3’ is the ع and this is how it is pronounced

The number ‘5’ is the خ and this is how it is pronounced

The number ‘7’ is the ح and this is how it is pronounced

So here are the videos on how they are pronounced correctly

The question is: Do you actually need it.

Well… it depends.

Do you want to learn the Modern Standard Arabic, also known as Fusha? Then no

Do you want to learn an Arabic dialect because you want to actually communicate with the people? Well then… definitely!

This is one of the major starting points for you to start learning the Spoken Lebanese Dialect.

If you are a doer and want to start somewhere, make sure you get the e-book and let me know what you think about it.

free e-book
Free E-Book

I am here to answer any question you have

Let’s go!


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