March 26

Are Arabic Words Hard to Learn?


You might have asked yourself that before you decided to take an Arabic lesson or to start your journey in learning Arabic. You might be scared that you might not be able to pronounce certain Arabic words or letters that are normally hard to pronounce, which is true. Arabic letters can be mean sometimes because they can be really unfriendly to the tongue when you’re trying to spell them out.

When I started learning German, I had a lot of trouble pronouncing certain words. After 5 years of living in Germany, I still have difficulty in pronouncing certain words and I confess that I have an accent when I talk in German. Do I hate myself for it? No! Why should I?

I started improving more and more in German when I decided to have my own private tutor to help me say certain words. Believe it or not, I used to take a pen, put it horizontally in my mouth behind my teeth and started to try to pronounce the ‘’ch’’ in German. In English it’s easy to pronounce it but not in German. I became fluent in it because I am persistent. When I put my head into something, I stick with it until the end.

Bottom line is, when you want to achieve something and put your mind into it, there’s no way anybody can stop you. Nowadays, there are tons of ways to help you learn anything you want. We have internet access wherever we go! Install dictionaries to translate English to Arabic. Google on how to pronounce them, call your tutor and ask him/her on how to pronounce them as well.

Arabic to English translation or vice versa might not be a good idea when you are translating for a really serious matter. Dictionaries don’t know the context and therefore can provide you with false information. However, you can use them if you want to say how are you in Arabic or Goodnight in Arabic lol (Tosba7 3ala 5er)

Besides, we have really easy verb conjugation.

If you’ve ever thinked (sorry, thought) about it, English and the other common European languages teached (sorry, taught) in school, are full of irregular verbs. That’s why really young kids will say things like “he hited me” – they haven’t got hold of the idea yet that in English, we don’t always form the past participle using the –ed ending. Arabic has nothing of the sort. The verb conjugation table is bigger than English (with singular, dual, plural, masculine and feminine categories), but once you’ve learned the table for one verb, you’re done. There are indeed a category of verbs called “weak”, which are sometimes thought of as irregular, but in fact each group of weak verbs (e.g. hollow verbs, defective verbs) follow a completely regular pattern, which is tweaked slightly from the basic verb conjugation table. (warwick)

Although Arabic does definitely present some rather unique difficulties, it still isn’t the most difficult language on the planet. Mostly because there is no such thing. The trick to learning any language is to start making your own connections to what you’re learning and simply enjoy the process.

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