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Do We Actually Speak Arabic? Which Arabic Do You Need?!


I have been getting this question a lot like hey I am learning the Arabic language but why is nobody talking it to me and why when I actually speak it… people laugh

well that’s because Arabic is actually not spoken

Ok.. let me explain…

There’s actually three types of Arabic that we should be talking about

  • The Classical Arabic
  • The Modern Standard Arabic
  • The Spoken Arabic

The classical Arabic is the Quran Arabic.

This is the oldest Arabic that ever existed. It is mostly focused on the language Arabic language of the Quran.

The Modern Standard Arabic

The MSA is the one that we learn from school… and by we I mean Arabs.

We learn it ever since we were young and some people go on to also study it in the university. The Modern Standard Arabic is mainly found in the media which is newspapers and TV channels and can be found in the subtitles of the movies and such…

The Spoken Arabic

The Spoken Arabic is the arabic that we speak. The Spoken Arabic has a lot of advantages. For instance, you can actually speak with Arabs it is like a different level of the Modern Standard Arabic the Arabic that we learn in schools.

It is used to communicate with your spouse, your parents… literally anyone.

Which one do you need

Well, it depends. If you want to learn the Quran, if you want to learn more poetry… if you want to dive into the literature, then the classical Arabic or the modern Standard Arabic are the ones to approach.

However, if you want to learn how to communicate more with the locals, if you are visiting an Arabic country of your ancestors and want to re-connect with your roots and want to communicate with the people around you then the Spoken Arabic is the way to go.

And since I always get DMs, emails and messages that people want to learn the slogan Arabic. I decided to giveaway my book for free called the Lebanese Situation Dictionary

Make sure to get your copy since, this book has the major initial stepping stones in starting your journey in learning the Arabic Dialect.

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

Let me know if you have any questions

free e-book
Free E-Book


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