December 8

Finding an Arabic teacher


The launcher into learning the Arabic dialect that you would like to learn is finding the Arabic teacher for you. After you decide what dialect you would like to learn, you launch into finding the language tutor for you. Fortunately, we are still growing and expanding so we will have multiple home tutors in no time!

It is however an advantage if you have the basics in the Arabic language. For instance, if you are already familiar with the Arabic alphabet, then it is clear to us that you already know how to pronounce certain Arabic letters or certain Arabic words. To learn to read in Arabic can be tough at first but with the right motivation and the right tutoring you will be confident in speaking it in no time!

All of our tutors can also speak English so I might as well feel that you’re a now having a one on one tutoring with an English teacher and not an Arabic teacher lol.

After you find the Arabic teacher and start having one on one tutoring with him, I would recommend you improve your Arabic by getting more and more into the Arabic culture. By that I mean to listen to some Arabic music or songs, discuss them with your Arabic teacher. Watch some Arabic movies; discuss them with your Arabic teacher as well. Translate into Arabic everything that you do or see. You can put some sticky notes on appliances or furniture with their translation in Arabic. You can also start playing some Arabic games lol. You can get such games on ITunes or online for free. I would also recommend getting some Arabic learning Apps, however, I would stick to the tutor’s instructions since every tutor has his own strategy and experience in teaching.

You should also know that the Arabic writing differs with the tutors than with Fusha. For instance, me as a Lebanese teacher, I teach Arabic with writing in Latin Letters (Yes, Latin) or English letters if you want to say it like that. I believe in this approach you can learn Arabic without having a big strong knowledge of Fusha at first. There are specific Arabic letters that do not exist in English, but fear not, we are innovative and came up with something entirely new. We made up specific numbers associated with some Arabic letters so that you know how to pronounce and also learn to read the Arabic words. The numbers we use now are 3,5,7 and 8. This might start to be complicated for you, which is totally normal and with time you will be confident enough to practice it in your daily life and also with your friends, and by friends I mean us! (Well until you start having friends that talk the dialect that you now talk lol) So just book a lesson with us and see what we are talking about! You can also see my online Lebanese course under Online Courses on the website! It consists of 50+ videos so feel free to get it and to start practicing it at home and then discuss it with your Lebanese tutor!

See you there and don’t forget to have fun while learning! J


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