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Top Things to do in Lebanon During Economic Crisis


In western Asia, Lebanon is located, bordering Palestine and Syria to south and north east respectively. There are several things for tourists here. It is one of the top tourist’s spot offering plenty of things to do here with fun and entertainment options. The country is great for your next vacations since it is an ideal place to taste the magnificent wines. Moreover, Lebanon contains one of the world’s oldest viticulture. How we can forget to discuss here Bekaa Valley that is now heart of wine manufacturing in the country.

Now, you are probably planning on visiting Lebanon soon and would like to have more information on how the quality of life is there and if it’s even safe for a tourist to visit Lebanon through these difficult times.

Well, let’s begin

About Beirut

This is one of the worth-living places for offering a high-cost of living. The majority of the people who want to adopt a lavish living love to reside here. If you are planning to move to Beirut, then you must know about the high rates of property here. It is one of the costliest areas in the town to rent. The average rent of the two-bedroom property is around one thousand USD. Similarly, the other costs of living are higher here like shopping, groceries, and others.

However, with the official Lebanese pound depreciating at a quick pace, there is no guarantee that all these prices would stay the same.

Example, let’s say an apartment costs $500. Some owners might agree at an exchange rate of 1$=1,500 L.L, some at 3,900 L.L and some at the black market exchange which is at the date of writing this, is 12,900 L.L.

So, if the owner is asking for $500 at an exchange rate of 1,500 L.L, that would be around 750,000 L.L. Now, if you exchange $500 in the black market for instance at 12,900 L.L. that would be 6,450,000 L.L.

Hence, you are still left with (6,450,000 – 750,000) = 5,700,000 L.L although you paid your full “$500” for rent.

The cost of living and prices of the property is higher in Beirut as compared to the other cities. The majority of the people prefer to make money here by cutting the cost of monthly rent by renting their rooms in sharing accommodation. Similarly, the groceries and foods are no exception to its high cost of living. However, it differs from person to person depending on your eating habits. Similar is the case with the restaurants and cafes here. Dining out ends up costing a lot. Therefore, a person having an average income finds it hard to reside here and tries to save more by having healthy meals consisting of vegetables, and chicken breasts at home and taking their lunch to work.

Now this is based on locals that are earning in L.L. Someone coming in with a foreign currency would actually experience it as a cheap place to be.

Also, groceries and such are affected with the depreciation of the Lira as well. So if a normal dine-out was $50, now it would be around $20. One can’t say for sure how long or how much the Lebanese Lira will depreciate.

Is Lebanon Safe?

Now this seems to be the question that everyone is asking.

Is Lebanon safe?

Well, yes and no.

It depends on where you are travelling and where you are visiting. Some rural areas might not be as safe as downtown Beirut. However, this issue is the same for every country. Not all rural areas are safe to visit.

There is no doubt that with the depreciation of the Lebanese currency, the middle class is slowly disappearing creating a wealth gap between the rich and the poor, that means security reasons would become on a higher level of alert, but there is nothing to fear.

  • Is it still okay to go out and experience Lebanon?

Well, ofcourse!

In the east of the country, you will see running rivers, rolling hills and many other things for your enjoyment. Lebanon is a place where more than a dozen vineyards and historic towns meet a soulful and laid-back lifestyle. You can spend your whole day in exploring new things here like brews, spirits, local wines, tour historic landmarks, barbecue, chow down, charming shops, caves and water falls.

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  • Is the Night-Life still going?

Yes, the night life of Lebanon is highly exclusive. The city is illuminating with lights in the night. On the weekends, people come to enjoy visiting bars, clubs, discos, casinos and shopping malls. All these things are highly wonderful for the majority of the people who love to spend their nights out.

  • Food and Drinks

Much like the live scene of music, Lebanon takes drinking and eating very seriously. Lebanon cocktail and culinary scene has expanded over the past some years. The city offers a real delight of delicious food and drinks.

Make sure to visit local restaurants that aren’t expensive. Mainly, expensive restaurants belong to politicians and we don’t to support them now do we? I think they had enough!

You can visit small local restaurants and support them, their food is yummier anyway.

  • Beaches Baby!

If you are a beach lover, then this is the right place for you!

There is something to be said though.

I would NOT recommend Beirut beach.

Why? Well, Beirut is an industrial city and we don’t have that infrastructure to protect the beach of Beirut to not get filled with sewers and garbage (That’s why our politicians shall not be supported)

That means, you will see alot of garbage and such floating around the beaches of Beirut. So, what I would recommend is going either far far noth, or far far south. These places have crystal clear beaches and seas.

Bottom Line

It is safe to visit Lebanon. I would recommend however for you to already know someone there to take you around and show you Lebanon. This will protect you from probable extortion of locals due to the exchange rate.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at mail@matartv.com! Also, if you would like to start your journey in learning the Spoken Lebanese Arabic, then feel free to check out my FREE Masterclass Webinar


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