February 20

Why You Should Learn Lebanese Arabic !


Why you should learn Lebanese Arabic

I know the title might be misleading and also racist towards the other Arabic dialects lol. Let me tell you a short story. I am Lebanese, born and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. You would be surprised that all the cartoon series that we used to watch was in Egyptian. Yes, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Space Toon, etc. was in Egyptian. Can you imagine Mufasa was actually talking in Egyptian? Yea me neither. (Remember who you are ‘’Tazakkkar inta meen’’) However, this provided us to somehow build a big community where Arabs can understand each other more and understand the dialects of the others. (We are still working on the Algerian and Moroccan dialects lol)

The Arabic language is really complicated. When you learn English for instance, you learn it, speak it the same way as you read it. The same way when you learn Spanish (Catalan? No? Okay) The Arabic language is a bit different though. There is written Arabic and spoken Arabic. The spoken Arabic has many, many dialects as well. Even inside the same country there are different dialects. I am from Beirut, and the Beiruti dialect is different than the southern dialect, which is also different than the northern accent. You might as well learn French when you are in Lebanon since a lot of Lebanese people like to talk in any language that is other than Arabic lol.

Coming to Germany opened me to a lot of different mentalities and culture and to learn German made it understand more and more about learning Arabic. To me German was really hard to learn. I started to learn German online, moved to Apartments with Germans. I did everything I can do in order to learn German fluently. I made it. I can now fluently speak three languages. Now I am lost. I don’t know if I should learn Spanish or learn Hebrew (Hebrew? Lebanese? No? Okay)

Up until I launched my YouTube channel and found my niche of Lebanese people and people across the world that are interested in Lebanese/Arabic culture. I decided to become an Arabic tutor online and try as much as I can to bring the Lebanese culture to the world. Becoming a language tutor is hard work but I love every minute of it. Teaching people to learn to write Arabic or to learn to read Arabic. Having one on one tutoring with how specific Arabic words or Arabic letters are told, brings me a lot of joy somehow.

I would like to become more than just an Arabic teacher. I am a teacher onto how to handle life, how to grow and meet other cultures and mentalities. We are all brothers and sisters in this world and are the children of mother Earth. The boundaries they put to us must only exist in our minds and not to be barriers in our daily lives. There’s a lot of stereotypes out there about everything. Arabs are terrorists. Indians eat a lot of curry. Germans have no humor. English are arrogant.

I am offering a free book that I wanted to charge $50 for it since I want people to get a taste on how the Lebanese dialect is supposed to be and how different it is than Fusha. In the book I introduce the different sounds (vocals) we have and also a ton of vocabulary with pictures related to them. It is incredibly helpful for your daily life.

I say, f the stereotypes. Go out there and figure everything out you own way. Go see the world, wander, have fun, meet new people, see the new cultures and feel the wind that blows in the countries that you visit. Don’t get stuck in where you are. The Earth is big and rich. See it before it’s too late.


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